Holiday Trips

Planning a quick getaway or a family vacation? Let a travel expert help you. Our customer service staff is well equipped with the knowledge and the tools to help you get the right travel products; at a price that suits your budget.

We have the ability to create custom tailored packages uniquely for you. Or you can select from a variety of specially negotiated packages from travel & tour operators from across the globe

Student Tour

Going abroad is one of the most important and exciting times for young people. A student’s unique travel needs can often be confusing to plan and book. We can provide the most costt-effective and safe travel options to students to enjoy exploring the world around them.

Historical & Cultural

Whether you're wanting to see the best museums or even visit a couple of UNESCO World Heritage sites across a number of destinations on your travel bucket list, we're here to help you discover. We pride ourselves on delivering authentic travel experiencess.

Weekend Gateways

For that quick satisfaction of breaking free from everyday stresses, why not take a trip over the weekend? You may only be gone for a few days, but it will leave you feeling as though you’ve had a full vacation – but without hurting your wallet! Call us today to find out more about special Weekend Getaway packages available exclusively from HFT.

Romantic Escape

Whether your idea of a romantic getaway is a cozy cabin at a posh resort or a shopping trip to a major urban cosmopolitan city, we can build a package that is tailored to suit your needs.

Family Vacations

The real magic of a family holiday is in the time you spend together. Experienced Holiday Specialists at HFT can help you research, plan and book the perfect and most memorable vacation for you and your family.

Adventure Tour

Indulge your adventurous side by taking a trip full of your favorite outdoor activities. Being amidst natural wonders, raw beauty or the chance to play your favorite sports will certainly get your blood flowing! Contact us today to find out more.