Hajj & Umrah

(Hajj Enrollment no : 13414)

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Ministry Of Hajj and Umrah Objectives

In order to develop all the facilities needed to serve pilgrims, the Ministry seeks to achieve a full spectrum of objectives, mainly:

  • Delivering high-quality services for the benefit of pilgrims.
  • Using cutting edge technology to develop professions of guidance, brokerage, representation, and internal pilgrimage.
  • Offering hajj services with as much ease and convenience as possible through the use of human efforts and highly sophisticated technology.
  • Improving staff skills on the ground to ensure that high-quality services are delivered to the pilgrims and Umrah performers.
  • The use of effective and excellent training programs.
  • Putting in place the slogan 'Serving pilgrims is an honor, privilege, and a responsibility'.
  • Coordinating with all relevant stakeholders to make the rituals of Hajj and Umrah easier.
  • Acting in accordance with the values and teachings of tolerant Islamic faith to deliver the full range of high-class services.
  • Unifying efforts to stimulate nationals to do their best in the service of pilgrims either voluntarily or otherwise.