Cruises Services

For your first cruise, you might need help in matching your lifestyle and budget with a cruise line and destination. Choosing a cruise is not the same as picking a hotel or flight, as there are many more options to consider.

With HFT, you get the buying power of a large agency and personal service from independent vacation consultants.

You can use HFT corporate website / call center representative to locate a vacation specialist by state, a great option if you prefer to work with a cruise expert you in your local area. As the company's vacation specialists are independent franchise owners, the service you receive will vary based on who you are working with, though the available deals and e-commerce options will be consistent across the organization.

Cruises Packages

Cruise & Stay

Most cruise lines offer cruise and stay options, where you can combine a cruise with a hotel stay in a particular destination. Basically it's a cruise holiday and a regular holiday, rolled into one. Whether you choose to tag a city break stay onto the end (or beginning), or prefer a longer holiday, it's a good way to get the best of both worlds. You'll enjoy the multi-destination aspect of a cruise, plus all the facilities onboard, before being able to spend more time exploring and enjoying one place.

Festive Cruise

Christmas and New Year are ideal times to squeeze in a holiday, as many workplaces close for the festive break. And you can guarantee a magical atmosphere onboard -- Christmas cruise packages by P&O Cruises, for example, include presents for everyone, festive meals, carol-singing choirs, elaborate decorations, festive films and New Year's Eve parties.

Adventure & Activity

If lounging around by the pool isn't your idea of holiday heaven, an adventure or activity cruise package might be more up your street. Those who enjoy gentle exercise could consider walking cruises on the 50-guest. These cruise packages are "ultra all-inclusive," with everything from Champagne to picnic baskets included in the up-front cost.